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Andy Lau won't be able to hold HK concert this December

Despite his effort, Andy Lau will not be able to replace the seven Hong Kong Coliseum shows he cancelled at the end of the year last year.

As reported on Mingpao, Focus Entertainment, the organiser of "My Love Andy Lau" world tour, recently issued a statement saying that they have already received the written notice from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department saying that their application for a December 2019 shows at the venue has been rejected.

The organiser apologised to all the people affected by the news, and revealed that the tickets refund details will be announced on 31 January.

Fans who heard the news expressed their disappointment, saying that they are still unwilling to refund the tickets and will remain hopeful.

To that, Andy took to social media and expressed, "We're facing the future with optimism, and looking forward to seeing you on stage next time."

Andy originally planned to perform 20 shows for the first leg of his world tour in Hong Kong, which started on 15 December. However, he had to cut short his 28 December show due to throat inflammation, and eventually cancelled the remaining shows after being diagnosed with influenza.

(Photo Source: ST Headline)

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