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Wu Kang-jen enjoys working in first HK film with Charlene Choi

Taiwanese actor Wu Kang-jen (also known as Chris Wu) recently admitted that he really enjoyed filming his first Hong Kong movie alongside Charlene Choi.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who co-stars in "The Lady Improper" alongside the singer, said that working in the production is akin to having a vacation.

"Everybody was nice to me - Charlene, the director, the producer, the crew, everyone. It was a really fun experience," he said.

Wu said that while there was not much difference in the making of a movie in Hong Kong and Taiwan, he did feel like a stranger at first because of the difference in dialect and environment.

"I seemed to develop a new identity while working on the project. I stayed in To Kwa Wan throughout production and I really like the culture and the aura. It's really fortunate that I get to work in this movie and connect with the local culture," he said.

In the movie, Wu plays the role of Chia-hao, a Cordon Bleu chef who plays a big role in changing the life of Siu Man (Charlene Choi), who has to tackle her fear of intimacy head-on.

(Photo Source: Hk01)


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